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  • We recommend you look over the form for the information you will need to gather before starting.
  • If you are planning a race/activity that also takes place on city streets, you will be required to upload a copy of the City of Bozeman race permit.
  • You will be emailed the contents of your submission.
  • If you have difficulties with the form, please contact 994-6902 or engagement@montana.edu. 
Name of  Organization/Office/Department who is hosting this event/program:
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If you plan on having weapons, please refer to the MSU Weapons Policy
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If you plan to distribute food or beverages, describe the food or beverages you plan to distribute in detail below (product name(s), source(s) of freshly prepared foods etc.)
MSU is committed to identifying, preventing, and eliminating physical and/or programmatic barriers that interfere with participants’ access and benefit from University programs, facilities and resources. We strive for equal and full participation in all facilities, services, programs and events and encourages student groups to offer barrier free access to all their events and activities by taking proactive measures to provide disability related modifications.

Have you considered how you will prevent barriers to your event/activity/program?